Have A Nice Day

Ah, 2 days off and that’s what I need right now. Have been working so hard the past few days, freaking tired.

Sigh, but shit happens again. Never ending shits.
I really have no idea why my Event Organiser as some calls it or Agent is so so bad at management.
They have just bank in my salary to me but its not enough.
So I called and asked and he said that I did not work on the last week of November. Wtf..

I told him I did as I remember clearly but he said he has black and white with him. Wtf again..
I keep telling him who I work with that week and so on but he just shout at me on the phone, god damn it.

Even such little things like salary also they can mess it up, how far can this damn company go? And for goodness sake do not shout at me because I am 10000000000% confirm I worked on that week. Bloody hell.. I’m so gonna call them again, I’m not working for free. Wtf.. Grr..

Bleh, stupid things aside first.
I’m going out now for facial, whee. :’D
Then I think I’m might be going to some furniture shop.
Tonight I also might be going for tarot reading. I’ve wanted to try tarot reading since long ago, and since now I saw some good reviews, I’ll just go and give it a try.
Midnight I’m going to watch The Day The Earth Stood Still with my darlings and others. :’D

Tomorrow I’m going out with my darlings again for some shopping. :’D
Yay, at last we get the same off day. Happy. :’D
Woo, it seems like I’ll have a lot of fun in these 2 days. :’D

Ok, I gotta ciao now or else I’ll be late.
My day will definitely be a nice one, so I hope you guys have a nice day too. :’D

P/S: Sorry for all those swearing and foul language but I just cant stand it when I’m damn piss. lol

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