He’s tormented by their early in the day disappointments and dating

He’s tormented by their early in the day disappointments and dating

Johanna Mason – ENTJ Johanna provides a Pasadena escort take-charge attitude. She’s blunt inside her tips, words, as well as variety of weaponry. She is centered and computed so you can exact the master plan to save Katniss alive and you may overtake the brand new Capitol. Good warrior having a sexual character, she has a weakened sense of morality because she notices no situation in the delivering Capitol students towards the yet another Desire for food Game. Hogwarts Home: Slytherin

She do what she feels is useful for her and people she likes

President Snow – INTJ Chairman Snow keeps being in control and you can pushing the new keys. The guy exacts severe punishments toward anyone who deviates out of their control, thus the latest Desire for food Games had been born. He coaching Seneca Crane for the pledge and aim, knows that Katniss has become a robust symbol, and you can observes compliment of Katniss and you may Peeta’s onscreen romance. He have his longevity of deluxe and you can roses, however, keeps zero sympathy of these he inflicts problems for the. Hogwarts Home: Slytherin

Destroyed MBTI (Area step one)

Jack Shephard – ESTJ A take-charge leader, Jack wants to fix something and create buy regarding the a mess. The guy distrusts the latest not familiar and you will relies on scientific truth. Deep down he does not have internal count on and you may compensates from the throwing their outside world.Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Kate Austen – ISFP Separate and you will good-willed Kate can’t be told how to handle it. She’s athletic and certainly will climb up trees, song this lady means from jungle, and deal with a tool. Constantly on the move, she is usually familiar with what the results are if she stays in one place for too much time. Whenever she takes a stay, she actually is deadly.Hogwarts Family: Slytherin

Sawyer Ford – ISTP Cocky, imaginative Sawyer usually discovers ways to endure that meets him most readily useful, particularly hoarding offers in the wreckage. He turns up which have clever nicknames for the remainder of the latest survivors and you can provides discovering. He stays in when, while making natural, rash choices. He wants to indulge in money, alcohol, and you can female.Hogwarts Family: Slytherin

John Locke – INFJ Locke is actually one out-of trust. He uses exactly what he believes try their destiny. He takes they up on himself to teach others in life and you can believe with the area. Although, their generosity and you can believing character build him a straightforward address so you’re able to benefit from. This new island in the long run brings your the chance to be the outdoorsy child the guy always wanted they are.Hogwarts Household: Slytherin

Hurley Reyes – ESFJ Hurley ‘s the mom hen of your own pile, constantly taking care of the remainder. He does very of the elevating their morale that have almost any they can pick – eating, a course, a left behind vehicle. He trusts their earlier in the day knowledge and is troubled from the his lottery numbers. He event new supernatural, however, thinks they are going crazy. Once the guy allows their uncommon present, it becomes a skill so you’re able to him.Hogwarts Domestic: Hufflepuff

Sayid Jarrah – INTJ Practical and you may somewhat ruthless, Sayid is one to believe to come to to complete their activity. The guy notices just one way to get the task complete, and you will do therefore in the event it’s dishonest. The guy works with his soreness and shame within the wonders. By way of his military training, they are advanced level during the a fight.Hogwarts Domestic: Slytherin

Jin-Soo Kwon – ISTJ Silent, but handling Jin works difficult to provide for their wife and you may to safeguard this lady. He is short to act when angered. He’s a faithful traditionalist, but nevertheless compares to own themselves and you will exactly what he believes for the. He could be sluggish so you can comply with their brand new state together with someone up to your.Hogwarts Family: Hufflepuff

Sun-Hwa Kwon – ISFJ Sunrays is certified to their husband and you will mobster father, but she without difficulty befriends Michael and you can Kate. She wants to work with the rest to make sure their survival in the place of divide by herself. She observes unofficially and you will discovers quickly. She tries to refrain the lady unhappy marriage, however, eventually chooses to will always be dedicated to Jin.Hogwarts Household: Hufflepuff

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