Hi haters,

A short message to people out there, especially haters..

If you don’t like what I wrote here, then get out. I don’t need you here. Don’t come in here, read what I wrote and then go bonkers.
Alright? Just get out of my fucking blog and go fuck yourself or do whatever fucking things you people like, as long as you don’t fuck me, then its all good. Save that fuck for yourself or whoever it is.

If you go bonkers on what I’ve wrote, it just shows that what I wrote is true. You don’t even have to care if its fake. You care because its true. You, you, you, you, and you.

I said I don’t want to hate but you guys just makes me wanna hate more. Hey, I don’t wanna be a devil like you all. Sigh, I’ve actually type almost everything out but I decided to backspace everything.
I said before I don’t wanna make people’s life miserable, I have to keep my words.

For every wrong that I have done, I already apologize. Whether you people wanna accept my apology, its up to you. I say sorry when I am wrong, full stop.

If you all think that what you’ve said to me and what you’ve did to me is right, then it is. Thats all for now.
Remember: What goes around comes around, its just a matter of time.

P/S: Oh God, I’ve gotta work OT for the next following three days. From 9 morning till 1 midnight, how can I survive with so little sleep?


  1. Your haters December 11, 2008

    Hi, what a funny post! LOL. FUNNY SHIT! thank u for being such fool to us. We really enjoy while reading your every single post. Especially this post. About the fuck. haha! thank u so much Limited Edition.

  2. Peggy December 12, 2008

    Your haters: Oh, so I made your day? How good. And how polite of you, you are welcome. And oh, I might be a fool to you. But how ironic, you reading a fool’s post and comment about it. Haha.. Anyway, have a nice day.

  3. Your haters December 12, 2008

    ofcourse, i want to tell you that you are making us laugh out loud why not comment about it to tell you? make more post. =)

  4. kkjm December 12, 2008

    Your haters, STFU!!! >< give ppl a break lar… dun go crapping around… :) cheers… and merry christmas…

  5. Peggy December 12, 2008

    Your haters: Its good that I make people laugh, rather than making people cry. Just continue on what you are doing, as long as you can sleep well at night, then its good. And of course I will make more post, this is my blog. Again, what goes around, comes around. Cheers.

    kkjm: Aww, how sweet of you. : ) Hey, Happy be-early Christmas. Cheers..

  6. Your super fans December 12, 2008

    Thank you. But i thought u wanna change a new diary aren’t u? must inform us yea. Im your super fans now.. how sudden. I love your oh-so-fake polite, GOSHH

  7. Peggy December 12, 2008

    Your super fans: A new diary, not a new blog. Even if I inform you, you wont get to see it. Diary, understand??? And oh, its not oh-so-fake polite. I’m not being polite with you. Why should I anyway. I’m just being sarcastic, don’t you realize? Are you too dumb to see that I’m being sarcastic? Lol.. Hows that now, I’m not polite. I wont be polite with people like you. I do not want to waste my time and layan you anymore. Don’t you have better things to do other than sitting in front of your computer and keep refreshing every minute to see if I reply your comment?
    Is your life that pathetic and boring? Coming to my blog every 5 seconds. Go get some fuck if you are too boring.

  8. Your super fans December 12, 2008

    Yah, Im just too dumb, why u suddenly so rude and seems like going crazy? don’t be like that, no good. and hey, I did not come to your blog every minute, but every hour lah. Im your fans ma.. you know fans? super fans? Of course i love to read your blog everyday. You made my day when every post you updated, craving your new post. I rather read your blog also dun wan to get fuck. Cause I read your blog enjoy even more than get fuck. lol, just dont know why. and aer,,,, can i ask u something? are you always go and get fuck when you boring?????? omg~~~~~~~~~~ :X

  9. Peggy December 12, 2008

    You sound like a kid, but nonetheless still very impressive. Lmao.. Stay tune..

  10. West December 12, 2008

    Just do wat u think its right, you are old enough to decide yourself..cheers =)

    Btw dun care those troll-er, they just come to try and make your life more miserable and its just words LOL.

  11. Your super fans December 12, 2008

    Im a kid, so i like to read a kid’s post… =)

  12. Peggy December 12, 2008

    Your super fans: Stay tune then.. : )

    West: Yes, I definitely know what is right and wrong. : ) Cheers, hehe..

  13. Kidz88rex December 12, 2008

    he totally agree that your super fans is talking crap .. ^^ … he believe that “your super fans” is trying to act like a bullshit crapper over people’s blog .. he advices “YSF” to mind his/her own business … because he/she totally acting like a kido ..


  14. Peggy December 13, 2008

    Kidz88rex: Biarkan je.. : ) Eh, I’m gonna whack you when I see you, for talking to me like that the other day. Give you maximum 3 days to appear in front of me, k? Haha.. :p

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