Hi holiday…

My semester is officially over!!!! :*D
I’ve been ‘busy’ studying for my test *aherm*, that’s why I didn’t blog these few days.
Haih, and then the second hand computer that my friend decided to give me died as well.
Oh god, my life. One shit after another.

The usual me can’t fall asleep last night, feeling very awake despite the fact that I totally didn’t get enough sleep the day before. Something is wrong with me. o.O’
Finished my last test today and I feel kinda pressured. I can never remember definitions and whatnots. ):
Every time I’ll look left and right during exam and there’s when my confidence level starts dropping.
You know, everyone around me keeps writing very long answers and I think my answers are the shortest in the whole class wtf. And also I’m always staring blankly at the classroom’s wall. o.O
I don’t know what is there so much to write about. Why my answers all so short one? ):
However, I remember my lecturer telling me that although my answers are like really short but the answers are correct. I hope it will be the same this time around.
No more stress or whatsoever. :*D

Lunch date with Ee on Wednesday before her exam starts. (:
* Beef noodle at Pudu that I really love. Eh, super delicious can..

After eating we left to Uni but but but……… her car broke down like AGAIN. Her car always broke down for some reason and funny thing is, they are all different cars. Her fate larh I think, lol.
* While waiting for her mom to come fetch us.

* Went to Uni to study while waiting for her to finish her exam.

Yeay, finally I can enjoy my holiday. :*D
Its been almost 2 months since I last went to cinema. I forced my brother to buy me a movie *muahaha*.
And I’m having dinner with the brothers at night. Great, I miss my elder brother. (:
Friday is awesome.

p/s: god ah god, don’t play me ah you.. i wanna see him on december, purleaseeeeee!


  1. Ee August 14, 2009

    Kuan sai yew

  2. Peggy August 14, 2009

    ee: which gg? lol.. everything seems so out of place lately. badluck!! i smell badluck, wtf!

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