How’s Privacy, Security & Customer Support of Kasidie?

How’s Privacy, Security & Customer Support of Kasidie?

Chat rooms – The Kasidie chatting rooms are full of naughty couples and singles flirting, sexting, and hooking up. To join in, you need to be a paying member.

Participate in the forums – As mentioned, free members can browse the forums but only paying members can register to join.

Travel – Like most swinger dating sites, Kasidie has a Travel feature that lets you share your travel plans. For example, if you’re visiting another city, you can let everyone know and invite people to message you about a possible meet-up/hookup.

What’s Kasidie Membership’s Price?

  • Monthly – $
  • Quarterly – $
  • Semi-Annually – $
  • Annually – $

Whichever package you go for, you can choose to pay in one go, or you can choose to pay each monthpared to rival sites, Kasidie is averagely priced.

Is It Worth Paying For Kasidie?

Kasidie is more than just a swingers site. Yes, it’s used by couples and singles looking for a hookup, but you shouldn’t get discouraged by its relatively small user basepared to rival dating sites, Kasidie has a lot fewer users. However, its chat rooms and forums are always busy, and its members are always active, posting photos, updating their feeds, sharing stories – and replying to messages.

Because of its fair price, Kasidie is worth it if you want to make genuine connections in the swinger world. Of course, you might not necessarily land a hookup immediately. Still, the fact that it lets everyone share club listings and party events mean it’s also possible to find swingers away from the site while using it.

My partner and I certainly got a lot of success out of it. We made new friends, got invited to parties, and would continue using the site.

One of the things we all worry about when we sign up to a swingers site is scammers. Fortunately, Kasidie has very few fake profiles, thanks to the fact that anyone who signs up must have a valid email address.

And if there’s someone on the site you want to block, you can easily do so by heading into “Profile Settings” and selecting the right option.

Kasidie takes your overall privacy and security seriously. We can’t find any records of past data breaches, and the site is SSL-encrypted.

Real Life Kasidie Review

As explained earlier, my partner and I signed up to Kasidie to see what it was all about. In this section, we’ll be discussing our personal Kasidie experience to help you decide whether or not this is the right swingers site for you.

The signup process was a breeze, and we decided to fill out the questionnaire. This asks for your sexual preferences, your tastes, interests, what you’re looking for, and so on. All in all, registering on Kasidie took about 15 minutes. Then, we upgraded our Kasidie account and started searching for other members.

At first, we found the web design to be a tad overwhelming, and there didn’t seem to be a clear search function. However, we soon located it under the “who’s online?” tab, and it wasn’t long before we were viewing other profiles; other profiles were viewing us – and we were sending and receiving messages

One of the things we enjoyed about Kasidie was its forums and chat rooms. This meant that as well as having private 1:1 chat with other singles and couples, we could also participate in group chats and get to know lots of other swingers at the time. The group chats are a lot of fun – although we recommend going into them with a very open mind.

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