I Know..

You purposely do not want to reply my message last night, I know. I am very disappointed. What is the true reason behind all these? Is it your girlfriend or is it Shaun? Somehow I realize, in all these years, whenever these kind of shits happen, you never seem to stood by me. You are always the one who never listen to me. Now I know that you didn’t trust me at all. How stupid am I to think that you will always be a best friend of mine.
I know why you don’t trust me. Its because of that Jason case, you thought I like him and snatch him from you. Whatever I say, you will never believe me. I did not lie and I can swear to god I did not like Jason. I did not want both of you to break up. I feel very sorry to make you feel this way, I really do. I really have no intention to make you guys break up. I know you don’t trust me, but thats for real.
You told me you did not angry me, you told me its the pass but actually you did not forget about this, right? You always listen to others instead of me. You never give me a chance to tell you what actually happen. All you do is listen to others and not care about me. Why is all this always repeating? I know, Shaun is your friend. I understand why you will choose to trust him. I do admit its my wrong that causes this break up. I didn’t deny. But then again, in all these 3 years me and him together, do you know how much he has done to hurt me? You don’t know what he did to me, because I don’t want to let you know. I don’t want to let people around him or me know what he did that hurt me so much. I don’t want you people to see him as a bad boyfriend. Most of the stuff he do, you do not know. However, whatever shits I did, I guess he will tell you.
For this time, I don’t know what he tell you, but I’m sure it will never be a good thing. Both of you is some what the same. You never ever try to stand in my shoe and try for that little while to see how hurt I am deep inside. Both of you, the people I trust most, somewhat attack me at the same time. I guess I am too blind to see that both of you doesn’t worth my tears at all. A girl that I cry for the most and a guy that I cry for the most. Today, I lost two of my bestfriends. I don’t think I can ever trust both of you anymore. Its a heartbreak. I wish I were never a friend of yours, so I will not met him and will not be so hurt today.
Once again, I learn that no one can be trusted. I once learn this but somehow I forgotten. Today, both of you reminds me again and I will not trust both of you. Not anymore.

p/s: I decide to open this up. Before I put it as a password protected because I care, but now I know I don’t have to, so I will open this up.

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