I miss my mom

I’ve been staying home for days now doing almost nothing.
Tried to look for jobs but to no avail. Not in the mood to work but I think I really need to, money wise and also to make it feels like the time pass faster each day.

Mom went to Bangkok these few days, I’m left all alone at home.
No lunch, no dinner. That’s when I realise how much I actually miss mom’s cooking.
Haven’t been eating a lot at home lately, always having outside food with Ben and now that I’m home, there’s no food for me. Been preparing my own lunch and dinner and that’s also when I realise how hard it is for mom to prepare meals at home everyday.
Sigh, I wish I could just give her a hug but that’s just not our home culture. Don’t know why I can never bring myself to do it. Maybe I can if she’s a little tipsy, things seems easier.

Guess I’m gonna miss her tons when I’m away from home for so long. To think of it, it’s the first time in my entire life.
Gonna be so home sick ):
I’m not a person who likes to stay away from home, not one who would love to stay in another country without my family members.
Bet my mom didn’t know it, I love home more than anything. The place I’ve been staying for 20 years.
Yes, 20 years.

No idea what’s this all about. Just miss mom and I realise how much older she is now.

I know she wont read this but it doesn’t matter.
Thanks for everything mi, and I love you.


  1. sharon February 27, 2011

    hey .. how long u’ll be away?

  2. Peggy February 28, 2011

    more than 2 months T_T

  3. sharon March 1, 2011

    aww..enjoy ur blissful 2 mths! after that u’ll miss ur boy even more..

  4. Peggy March 1, 2011

    thank you (: he’ll be back for holiday during june hehe.

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