I Need Money

I’ll be working at Cineleisure for some comic event this Saturday till Monday and I have 2 final papers on Tuesday. Damn bad timing but good pay, so no choice. I’m like so damn broke now.
I’ll be working with Shaun too, but not the same floor.

The one in charge is a friend of mine and he asked me to join the ambassador so that he will have enough contestant. Just go up the stage pose pose and then answer something and thats it I guess. If I lose I got Rm50, If I win then got 500 game points and some cash voucher thingy.
At first, I thought lose is better because I can have cash but he told me the prizes is better.
The 500 game point is equal to Rm500. If I can sell it, my pocket will have few hundreds extra.

I talk so much for what? For you all to vote me so I can have extra few hundred.
I need money, I really do. I know it takes a little time to sign up and stuff but just please do me this favor. I know that I’m not pretty and I don’t care, I want money.
Please please please please please please vote for me. I will be so grateful for that vote you give me.
*puppy eyes big big with tears*

This is the forum link. Just press, very easy. :)

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