I picked up my car in Cancun Mexico alone at 230am

I picked up my car in Cancun Mexico alone at 230am

We contacted Hertz regarding these issues and they would not give us our money back and only offered a $50 credit or 1 day free rental for the future. There was apparently a form we were supposed to fill out upon returning the car to detail these issues which nobody told us about. We are still fighting with them a year later as this was an expensive rental (about $1000)pletely appalling that Hertz will not work with us to resolve. $50 is not enough to cover for the cleaning supplies and lost time on our vacation. We feel that they put our family at risk by not sanitizing the car first and will NEVER rent from Hertz again.

The car I was given was squeaky and would not go into reverse properly or without a fight. It was a dangerous car. I made it to my destination and spent half of the next day exchanging the vehicle. I contacted customer support on to be offered a gift certificate for Hertz. I declined and asked for different compensation because I hardly ever rent cars and am not sure how I feel about hertz. She told me she couldn’t do that so I asked for a supervisor and was immediately told there was none available. I told her I’ll wait, after a 30 second hold she told me the same and arranged for a supervisor call back. No one ever called me back.

Today I called and spoke to a representative who after 30 minutes of asking the same questions over and over told me I would not receive any compensation at all. At this point I asked for a supervisor. I waited an additional 20 minutes only to be told they were all in a meeting. I arranged another call back. I called once more and was offered a $35 certificate for hertz. This is shady, $50 to zero to $35. No consistency. At least he explained that the location in Mexico is a franchise and therefore no cash compensation can happen. So I ask then why is HERTZ all over my reservation, yet take little to no responsibility? I finally gave up and accepted the $50 credit towards your company which I will sell. After these customer care interactions I will not be using hertz again. Thanks for nothing but a scary experience in a foreign country.

Hertz author review by Lauren Fix

Hertz offers rental cars in more than 150 countries across every inhabited continent. It has more than 10,300 corporate and franchise locations worldwide.

Loyalty program: The Hertz Gold Plus Rewards loyalty program comes with VIP benefits like faster pickup and drop-off services and member-only discount offers.

Promotions and discounts: Hertz runs a constant stream of discounts and special offers on everything from extended rentals to weekend getaways.

Roadside assistance: In addition to liability insurance, Hertz has premium roadside assistance packages to help with situations like running out of gas, lost keys and dead batteries.

Accident partner: Hertz partners with many insurance companies to give drivers a quick and easy car rental while their automobiles are in the shop for repair

Many makes and models: Hertz offers multiple categories of vehicles, everything from economy to hybrid cars, convertibles and luxury cars to 15-passenger vans have a peek at the hyperlink.

Car and Ride Sharing: Hertz has a Green Traveler collection, meaning all cars get a minimum of 33 miles per gallon.

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