Immediately: facts about new cover

Immediately: facts about new cover

A woman get pregnant in the event the a good mans jizz has reached one out-of their egg (ova). Birth control tries to avoid that it taking place by continuing to keep the newest eggs and you will sperm aside or because of the finishing eggs manufacturing. One technique out of contraception is the cover.

The newest contraceptive cap is a bent dome made of thin, mellow silicon. It’s inserted to your snatch ahead of intercourse, and you may talks about the new cervix so as that jizz never enter into the womb. You can use spermicide inside it (spermicide kills cum). Spermicide happens once the serum, lotions, foams and you will pessaries.

Brand new cover must be leftover positioned getting 6 period just after gender. After that time, you’re taking the actual limit and you can wash it. Hats is recyclable. Particular names are located in sizes. They’ve been tailored to pick the best you to definitely for on your own.

There are 2 form of cover readily available at the moment, Femcap and you will Caya. Femcap comes in step 3 brands. The size and style make use of relies on if or not you’ve been pregnant prior to. Caya will come in you to definitely dimensions. Femcap and you may Caya are built to help you complement him or her oneself.

Indeed there aren’t many highest-high quality training of caps. It’s fundamentally believed that when utilized precisely that have spermicide, new cap was ninety-five to help you 96% able to stopping maternity. As a result anywhere between cuatro and you may 8 female out of each and every 100 which fool around with a limit since the contraception might be pregnant during the annually.

During the real world use at the least a dozen women in a hundred an excellent seasons get pregnant because individuals skip to utilize the cover or never place it when you look at the securely (88% effective).

You should use way more spermicide in the event the cap has been in spot for step three circumstances or more in advance of sex, or if intercourse try regular for the cap set up.

When you have a child, miscarriage or abortion, you may have to getting fitting with a new sized cover.

The cover works

A cap, eg an excellent diaphragm, are a buffer particular contraceptive. They babylon escort Fresno matches in your pussy and you will suppress cum of passage due to the newest access of the uterus (the cervix).

Regarding the 80% of women get a hold of a cap that suits her or him. You can purchase a limit at some GP practices, sexual fitness clinics, and several younger man’s characteristics.

To the office for the preventing pregnancy, the brand new cover must be used in combination with spermicide, that is a substance one to eliminates cum.

You merely use a cap when you have sex. You must leave it in for at least 6 era shortly after the final time you’ve got sex. You can leave it set for up to 48 hours.

Sticking a contraception limit

  1. Which have brush give, fill 1/3rd of limit having spermicide, but do not set one spermicide within the rim, because stop the cap residing in put.
  2. Femcap features a good groove amongst the dome and rim – particular spermicide should be place here.
  3. Squeeze the latest edges of the cap with her and you will hold on a minute anywhere between your thumb and first couple of fingers.
  4. Slide new limit to your genitals, up.
  5. The latest cover must fit neatly more than their cervix – it stays in set from the sucking.
  6. Some lady squat because they set their limit into the, while others set down otherwise stay with one foot upon a chair – use the status which is easiest to you personally.
  7. You could potentially input a cap around step 3 times before you can make love – after that time, you’ll need to remove it and put even more spermicide in it.

If you get a cap, routine using it before you believe in it to possess birth prevention. This provides you the possible opportunity to can utilize it securely, observe it seems and see in case it is right for you. Up to you’re sure you might be by using the limit correctly, you may want to use more birth-control, such as condoms, when you yourself have gender.

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