In time for Moomba

So, if you asked me how’s Melbourne treating me so far, I can say that this place is really pretty good.
But not any better than my beloved Kuala Lumpur :P
I’m not quite use to the weather here, it’s pretty inconsistent.

It feels hot and stuffy during noon and it gets soooooo cold at night, I shiver and sneeze. Like right away once the wind tries to blew me off. The cold wind is insane and it’s not even winter yet. Goshes.

* Reached Melbourne on time to go for Moomba Festival :*)

* Hie there, I looked pretty bloated that day.

* This funfair is HUGE with lotsa games and it’s really fun. Cant compare with all the mini funfairs back at home.

* My kermit frog Ben won for me. There’s this really large kermit I wish to bring home but it’s too large, no point winning it. Cant bring it into the plane with me ): but this small one is good enough (:

* good times <3
* look at the ride, it’s quite insane really. Ben played, while I just wait for him to be done. I dare not.

Still feeling really really lazy, there’s no places I wanna go and I don’t even wanna eat out.
All I wanna do is to go for grocery shopping, come home and cook.
Haha, no idea since when I’ve become an auntie. Damn lazy can, I just wanna snuggle under blanket.

More to blog but again, L A Z Y.
I wanna learn how to cook now from Youtube, so tadaa.

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