My brother introduce this very cute and fun game to me, call iSketch.
This is an online sketching game, play by people from around the world.

You use your mouse to draw, or can even colour or erase it, just like the ‘Paint’ inside your computer, but remember you can never write the word out.
A game consist of 10 rounds, and each round, one person is given the word to draw, and the others guess what he/she is drawing.
If those people who are guessing seems clueless, you can always give them hint.
You will get points if you guess correctly, or if you are the one who is drawing, you will also get points when others guess correctly.
When someone guess correctly, the time will runs out in 20 second, and you must try to guess as fast as possible.

I’ve try playing a few games, and it is really fun. Sometimes it is very hard for me to guess, because what they sketch always confuse me. This is a really very nice online sketching game.
A must try, especially for those who loves to draw, just like me. There are more details here and you can start playing now at iSketch.

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