It’s 4am….

….and I’m really sleeeeeeeeeepy.
I slept at 2.30am last night, wake up at 8.30 this morning for class and later on I went for group discussion until 4 plus in the afternoon. Have to drink coffee in order to keep myself awake but my brain stop functioning somewhere in the noon after the caffeine effect is gone.
Went home after that, fool around at Facebook and went to bed for a not-so-short nap which is 2 hours to be exact.
Woke up, ate my dinner, had my bath, and its time to hit my assignment again.
I’m really tired.

But I went for a movie just now to de-stress myself a little. I watched Hotel for Dogs and ohmygod, those dogs are really really cute. :D
I heart dogs, really. Dogs are man’s best friend. : )

After I reached home, I have to head back to my assignment again. I’m happy that its finally done now and I’m sitting here blogging.
I really feel like blogging today but I guess I can only write this much as my brain is really shutting down at this very moment.
Tomorrow will be study-like-mad day because I’ve got quiz on Friday morning. 12 freaking chapters, I’m gonna stay at home whole day long and read non stop. The idea of it is really sending me nightmares.

Alright, I’ll call it a day now. Good night people. Lots of love. <3

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