It’s a Wrap

It’s the end of another year, once again.

Gonna party my night away and welcome 2012 with my love.
Hopefully there’ll be fireworks all around.

This year, my life is full of love.
This year, my relationship with my mom did not worsen.
This year, Ben and I went to Seremban, Port Dickson, and Malacca together and we had fun!
This year, I received the biggest bouquet of roses in my life.
This year, I was in a long distance relationship for a month plus.
This year, I went to Melbourne for 3 months and fall in love with the place.
This year, I learned how to cook and bake.
This year, I learned how to keep a house clean.
This year, I made new friends and I miss the moments spent together.
This year, I had a couple of big fights with fatty.
This year, I experienced my first Autumn! (:
This year, I found a mini fish in a squid wtf.
This year, I went to St. Kilda and Dandenong.
This year, I tasted the best butter from Victoria Market.
This year, I tried Chai Latte and Churros in Melbourne and I like both of it.
This year, I enjoyed my Puffing Billy ride.
This year, my house did a renovation.
This year, I adopted a dog and we named it Freddy.
This year, I’ve figured that one of my favorite restaurant will be Nathalie’s Gourmet. I cant stop raving how good it is.
This year, I finally scaled my teeth after years.
This year, I’ve learned that there are all kinds of people in the world.
This year, I encountered what princess syndrome means and how these people are so full of self.
This year, bff came back from UK twice.
This year, I enjoyed all the nights spent partying.
This year, I did my first full time and encountered what #likeaboss means.
This year, I organized my first bazaar.
This year, I did not add another ink to my body. ):
This year, I went to Port Dickson, Malacca, Penang, Seremban, and Hatyai with friends.
This year, I know which friends are true and which are the users.
This year, I spend our birthdays, Valentine, Christmas, and Anniversary together.
This year, me and fatty had a lot of good meals together.
This year, my boyf grew fatter.
This year, I fall in love deep and hard.
This year, I am blessed.

Next year, I want to get my mind straight. Start working, stop slacking.
Next year, I want to love deeper.
Next year, I want to forgive faster.
Next year, I want to be as patience as I can.
Next year, I want to learn to treat people nice even though they are not treating me nice.
Next year, I must find a way to turn my fatty into a ‘fitty’.
Next year, I want to fly to Melbourne and not come back for at least more than half a year.
Next year, I want to work in Melbourne, whatever job it is.
Next year, ……………. oh dear God please grant my wish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Next year, I want to start exercising.
Next year, I want to continue exploring the art of cooking.
Next year, I want to save up money to explore the world with my love.
Next year, I hope the world will be free of disaster unlike this year.
Next year, I want all my family and friends to be happy and free from heartache.
Next year, I want everyone to stay healthy.

Next year, I WANT TO BE WEALTHY. wtf


  1. Ee January 5, 2012

    Did you wear anything in that pic above? D:

  2. Peggy January 9, 2012

    Ee: Got la of course! tube dress please T_T

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