I’ve Found My Watch

Ok, basically I’ve lost the watch Shaun gave me as Valentine’s Day present (last tear)..
It is lost for like, more than a month already.
And I found it back yesterday, and I’m happy, of course.

But this is not what I actually wanna say..
I found the watch that I like, and it is nice, or at least I think so.
I love that watch and I wanna have it.
It is the LEVI’S LTD0202 red digital dark red screen.


Nice, isn’t it? It is pink in colour actually.
Omg, I am so in love with it, and it cost like Rm269 if I’m not wrong.

image46.jpg Anyone wanna sponsor me??? :D


  1. dannyOne June 22, 2007

    my fren bought it~ :) suit gal douz~

  2. Peggy June 22, 2007

    dannyOne: Wah, I want it leh.. It is very nice right?? I want I want!!

  3. vvens June 24, 2007

    its red. i’m buying it once i get my salary leh!! its rm269. :)

  4. Peggy June 25, 2007

    vvens: Its pink la.. I try on it already, damn freaking nice.. Haha, I will buy it end of the year if I got job then got salary.. Haha.. Kesian aku..

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