I’ve got a new banner

Its time for a change.
Tell me if its a yay or nay. (:


  1. vel May 19, 2009

    new banner…of course yay!!
    haha^^it looks nice~special!
    is that ur boyfren? i saw his photo from ur previous blog…

    ur do-not-fear’s tattoo damn nice!!
    is it pain when they put it on?

  2. Susan May 20, 2009


  3. Peggy May 20, 2009

    vel: Thank you. (: Boyfriend? Who? Which photo? Lol.. Its not that pain on the neck compared to the one on my wrist.

    Susan: Yay! :D

  4. vvens May 20, 2009

    love it!! pretty!! :) :)

  5. vel May 21, 2009

    welcome~then is it dangerous to put tattoo on ur wrist?
    wow~nice tatto u have!!
    I hope to have 1 too,but dare not!
    I scare it will be painful~swt+.+
    well,I mean the guy in purple top,from ur sweet tooth post

  6. Peggy May 22, 2009

    vvens: yay, thanks.. (:

    vel: Dangerous? Nah, its not dangerous. Actually I’m afraid of the pain too at first, but once you’ve done it you will keep wanting more. Haha, because you already know how the pain is like and actually it is still bearable. Oh, that guy is my friend. (:

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