Let’s replace it with paper!

yippeee! i is a happy girl!

it is never easy to please myself when it comes to the outlook of my blog or my twitter’s skin.
i just cant bear with it if it doesn’t look appealing to me.
i need to find the perfect background, perfect skin or perfect whatever.

hence once i found the perfect look (or at least it looks perfect to me), i will stick with it for quite a long time.
some people who ain’t as fussy as I am can settle for a lot of themes as long as it looks nice.
but this fussy girl here, is REALLY fussy!

i’ve came across a lot of nice themes but somehow it just doesn’t feels right. or more like, doesn’t feels very me.
whichever theme i choose, i will have to edit the html shit like hell!
i will change the colour, for sure! and the fonts and whatever that pokes my eyes seeing it.

i’ll stick my butt onto the chair and edit and edit and edit and edit until I get the right look.
sometimes it took me days and I get so fed up, I almost gobble down my monitor!
and that’s basically the reason why I sticked to my old theme for so darn long.
but I’m getting bored of it and figured I should try and give it a new look.

thank god I found something simple and sweet. (:
and I get to edit it without much hassle!
the theme I’m using is Paper theme and that’s how the original version looks like.

so? how do you like my blog’s new look?
i’m loving it! ngehehe <3 happy pig
i’m this happy. HAHAHA!


  1. andrew November 9, 2010

    wahh!! tat piglet reli macam you worr!! so hapi worr!

  2. Peggy November 9, 2010

    bwahah! that piglet is so darn cute i wish i could kidnap it home. :D

  3. vvens November 12, 2010

    i is jealous! me loves this new theme!!!

  4. Peggy November 14, 2010

    i <3 it a lot tooo!! :))

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