Life Is Good aka Back To School – Audition

A production company, ChristienLavin is producing a movie call ‘Life is Good aka Back To School’.

If you are interested in becoming a movie star, you must go for the audition. What they are searching for is mostly college students. If you can ACT or DANCE, or SING, or POSSESS BASKETBALL SKILLS, you’re already in for the running. No harm giving it a try, so just come with all your friends. Audition will take place at different colleges such as Sunway College, Taylors, TAR College, UCSI, and a few which is not sure yet.

Tomorrow there will be an audition tomorrow at Sunway College from 11am until 3pm at the dancing room. If you guys are interested, do go to ChristienLavin to fill in the forms attach with two pictures of your own (without photoshop-ing).

I am one of the crew for this production and I am very happy to be one as I can learn lots of stuff and also I get to see actors. xD I’m not sure if I will try for the audition yet.. but Christien as me to go ahead. Will see by then. People, do come for the audition ya.

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