Little Pantie

Omg, I’ve found the cutest thing ever to hang on my handphone. Its so cute really, and I’ve never saw it here in Malaysia yet. It was a prize that my brother won from don’t-know-which-blog and it was sent from don’t-know-which-country. Ok, I asked him but I forgotten. What will him want to do with that cute little pantie other than giving it to his sister? :)

They have bras too but the prize does not include that in. I want that bra so much. It would be so cute to hang a set of undergarments onto my handphone.

This is what he gets.

It looks so cute together with my handphone. :) I’m loving it.


  1. michelle December 16, 2007

    hey peggy, i’ve seen this a month ago on some website! i wan it so badly!!! whr did u get, where can i buy? =(

  2. Peggy December 17, 2007

    Michelle: Erm, its a prize that my brother won. Someone delete my history and I forget the website. I’ll try to find it for you. :)

  3. michelle December 17, 2007

    thank u! thank u!

  4. Peggy December 18, 2007

    michelle: Here you go.. :)

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