Lonely Nights

I am not very happy this few days.
Especially at night, like now, I am feeling very lonely.
I wish to talk to someone on the phone, whoever will do.
I wish there is someone by my side ready to listen to my craps.
No one is there for me right now.
Just me blog-ing alone in front of this square monitor.
I don’t want to be alone. I hate to be alone.
I am really not happy. Something is missing.
Something is fading away and this may be forever.
There is nothing I can do anymore to change this god damn thing.
Life sucks so much sometimes.
I wanna take a break, and I need a break.
To think of it, ‘you’ really ruin my life.


  1. firewire January 2, 2007

    life is like the sea waves, sometimes it goes high up, sometimes it goes way down and it’s never smooth. be strong and you’ll be ok :)

  2. Peggy January 3, 2007

    I really do hope there will be someone by my side when I’m down..
    anyway, thanks a lot..

  3. vvens January 3, 2007

    you’re not alone.
    there are people would is still concerning reading your blog like me! :)

    *hugs* i’m emo too recently.

  4. ad January 5, 2007

    dont give up. never give up on urself. if u hate to be alone, drop me a mail. i’d love to be mail pals with u . only if u promise we’d be remain anonymous. cheers.

    – ad

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