Lunch @ Marufuku

I’m a sucker for Ramen but eating Udon once in awhile wont hurt.
Plus Udon is always cheaper than Ramen. Stupid Ramen, why are they so expensive?
Went over to Marufuku for Udon, located at Jaya One.

* Small, clean and tidy.

* Their menu.

* You have to walk in and do the ordering yourself, touch screen monitor.

* Cant go wrong with some side dishes.

* Sorry I cant remember Japanese name well. Rm1 per stick.

* Karaage and Kakiage, Rm1 each too. Why are these names so confusing?

* If you are a egg lover like I am, do order their House Special Udon which cost only Rm6. Can be served hot or cold, you can even add an extra egg if one egg cant satisfy you. This is really gooooood.

* Nabeyaki Udon with prawn tempura dan lain-lain – Rm10.

I’m not sure if this taste better than Sanuki Udon, the one Vivien likes to go a lot. I only tasted Sanuki Udon once, I cant quite remember. I shall go back and try again when I have the chance.
But price wise, Sanuki Udon is a little bit more cheaper.

Marufuku’s Udon is chewy, chewy and chewy. If you like chewy Udon, maybe you can give it a try.
A bowl of cold Udon on a hot day or a bowl of hot Udon on a cold day, both are equally good.
And oh, their green tea is refillable. (:

L-18-G-1, Grd Floor Palm Square,
Jaya One, 72A, Jalan Universiti,
46200 Petaling Jaya.


  1. vvens February 15, 2011

    Hehehe Sanuki Udon’s boss sold the franchise and hence, Marufuku Udon! :9

  2. Peggy February 16, 2011

    vvens: oh really?? Haha, but it’s slightly more expensive. Have you tried?

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