Mambo Jambo Night @ Velvet

Exams over, its time for me to have a little fun. :’D
So, I went to Velvet last night for Eugenie’s farewell, she’s heading back to Aussie on Friday morning.
All my friends are leaving to Aussie, I wonder why. Lots of gold perhaps, haha.

* My clubbing kaki and camwhore kaki.

* She drives, I camwhore; as usual.

* Venus and Eugenie.

* Eugenie and me.

Was it fun at Velvet last night? Not really, at first. I guess its the people there, they are a lot older than we are.
Boring people. I feel like leaving after a while, lol. But things get better, songs get better and the people get better. :’D
Its actually kinda fun, those music are funny. The DJ played songs from Grease, me and Ee Cheeng damn excited.
Its the song we dance during our Form 5 Teacher’s day, such old memories. :’)

* And then we camwhore in the toilet again.

* Ee Cheeng and Eugenie.

* Haha, I like this one.

Head over to Phuture after that, so its back to the usual R&B songs which we girls really like. :’)
I wanted to hear this one song so much, I asked the DJ to play it for me. :’D
There’s so few people at Phuture last night, we are like the only girls at dance floor. So weird. -.-

* At Phuture, lots and lots of smoke.

* Oops, didn’t get to capture Venus.

* Hahaha, I feel like laughing every time I saw this picture.

* Went to toilet, camwhore again. -.-

* We even asked the ’tissue kakak’ to take picture for us.

It was a rather fun night. And whats best is that we saw people we like a lot. :’D
I spot Alan Yun, and then Steve Yap, and some other local celebrities. Like omg, Alan Yun and Steve Yap!!!
Seriously, I like them a lot one loh.. So handsome and macho. *melt* Hahaha, wtf..
When we are about to leave, we saw Steve Yap outside and so happen he is friend’s friend’s friend.
So all of us chit chat a little and took pictures. Omg, I get to talk to Steve Yap. :’DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

* He damn macho loh… And that’s James beside Ee Cheeng.

All the best to Eugenie. :’) You’re so gonna love me for that picture I took for you, ngek ngek.
Boo, its time to switch back to my assignments.
P/S: Oh gawd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ‘uoy ssim i kniht i’

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