I’ve never done manicure in my whole life because I think its expensive to pay so much just to get your nails done. I own self colour my nails also can lah, why want to pay so much. Mostly it cost more than Rm20 and it is really expensive to me. However, I’ve done my first manicure yesterday. :) For only Rm5 from Snips. Hahaha..
Its so cheap because it is student service but who cares. Its almost the same to me. Its so worth it to pay just Rm5 and they did so many things to my nail. I get to choose the colour that I want, get to file my fingers, get to remove my nail’s dead skin, get to put oil on my nails, get to do so many things to my nail for half an hour and only cost me Rm5. Haha.. What a steal.

This is before my nails are pampered.

Hehe, the after.

Can you see that theres no more dead skin and its so clean already. I like this nail colour, so sweet and clean. Haha.. Really happy with my nails. :)
Maybe you all can try it at Leisure Mall Snips, student service.

Manicure – Rm5
Pedicure – Rm10
French – (+)Rm5 (full set)


  1. michelle December 12, 2007

    aik where is this place? i am interested. =)

    btw, i think u posted stg emo in ur previous post. stay strong girl! oh btw, can i add u on msn or YM?

  2. Peggy December 12, 2007

    Michelle: It is at Cheras, Leisure Mall. Hehe, it is very worth it.. Thanks a lot for the support. Sure you can add me in msn,

  3. Kelle December 12, 2007

    OMG! It’s sooooo worth! I definitely going to have mine done dis week! Haha….

  4. Peggy December 14, 2007

    Kelle” Yup, its really worth it. Haha..

  5. Kelle December 17, 2007

    The student price is only available during weekends =(

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