Melbourne Peking Duck. Melbourne or Peking? Or Bangsar?

Before I start rambling on my blog post that is only half related to the festive we’re celebrating right now, I’d like to wish all my readers and all the Chinese in the world a very Happy Chinese New Year!

Gong Heii Fatt Choi!!
Wishing everyone a very prosperous year, a very healthy year, and a year safe from all the dangers in the world.

I love taking trams to places outside the CBD in Melbourne and that evening was one of the evening I get to go to a place a little further away.
Fatty brought me to try a Chinese dish that I’ve not tried before, to a restaurant he was raving about.
Peking duck from Old Kingdom in Melbourne.

The restaurant was crowded, there were little walk space.
Guests were chattery and there were lots of smiles on their faces.
There were Australians with their red wine and there were Chinese with their Chinese tea.
Waiters were busy dashing right and left, in and out from the kitchen.
And not to forget, the meal was delicious.

It came to us as a surprise that the chef from Old Kingdom was actually a Malaysian and after years working in Melbourne, he decided to open up a Peking Duck Restaurant here in Bangsar.
It was a good news to us and we wanted to try it out on our 25th months but ended up postponing it to few days ago.

#1 It was a date. :)

#2 It must have sounded really weird for some people, Melbourne Peking Duck. It’s like Sichuan Nasi Lemak or New York Roti Canai.

#3 Duck’s way of saying welcome, quack.

#4 Restaurant’s interior was simple, or a little too simple in my opinion. I still love the ambiance from Old Kingdom a little bit more.

#5 There are two Peking Duck sets from you to choose from.

Set 1 is price at RM78+.
-One duck slice in 16 pieces served with pancake, scallion, and cucumber.
-Stir fried bean sprouts with shredded duck meat.
-Duck soup with salted vegetable and tofu.

Set 2 is price at Rm88+.
-One duck slice in 16 pieces served with pancake, scallion, and cucumber.
-Fried meehoon, hor fun, or rice with shredded duck meat.
-Duck soup with salted vegetable and tofu.

We picked set 1 as were still very much full from what we had for lunch. So no rice or noodles.

#6 Cutting through the duck’s skin.

#7 And the lady showing us how to wrap it. You can always skip this part if this is not your first time savoring Peking Duck.

#8 The duck skin was extremely crispy with fats underneath!

#9 I’m hungry already.

#10 Stir fried bean sprouts with shredded duck meat. It tasted exactly like what we had in Melbourne, it was really good. I’m not a fan of bean sprout at all but I sapu-ed everything.

#11 Duck soup with salted vegetable and tofu which Fatty really loves.

Fatty was really happy that his favourite Peking Duck is in town and even happier when they tasted exactly the same.
I enjoyed my meal very much too! :)
If you convert, it is much more cheaper to have the Peking Duck in Bangsar than in Melbourne. /steal

If Peking Duck isn’t enough for you, there are other individual dishes which you can order, so worry not.

Melbourne Peking Duck
24-1, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603-22021588

Old Kingdom
197 Smith St
Fitzroy 3065 VIC


Okay, back to Chinese New Year.

Every year I wanted to get myself a cheongsam for Chinese New Year but every year I give up knowing that it is so hard for me to find the right cheongsam.
Cheongsam is like a Tuxedo, it needs to fit well and I’ve got no idea where to get one that fits me well and doesn’t cost a fortune.
Maybe I can start looking at children’s cheongsam. :(
Or if anybody knows where I can get a a cheongsam with the size UK4, care to enlighten me?

Sometimes, it’s nice to be skinny and all but some other times it just sucks because everything is always too big for me!
You don’t know the number of clothing I have to give up on when I shop, just because of the sizes. :(

I love wearing red during Chinese New Year and I’ve been doing it for years but not this year. Which is a little sad for me.
But I still have my red nails, better than not having anything red at all.

#12 Instead of doing a very red and Chinese New Year nails, I tame it with pink gradient because Valentine’s Day is coming up too. :)

#13 And red toe nails.

Now I cant wait for gamble session too start. Heh.

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