Midnight at Neway

Midnight sing K session at Neway two days before my boy leaves.
Don’t know whats wrong with me that night, I keep throwing little tantrums. Haha..
I didn’t want to talk to him. Poor him, needs to sing in order to be forgiven. Muahaha..

* I forced him to wear his jacket and button all up even its hot outside. *crazy*

* Eh, who’s the one beside me? Drink beer lah, drink beer….

* i wuv u… hee………. (:

* Kachaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! Samurai/ninja eyes.. Muahaha.. -__-


Gosh, this is awesome! :D
There’s actually people who came up with such word.
Facebrag. Do you know what’s a facebrag?

To use Facebook as a platform to brag. Normally about a job, internship, trip, purchase or anything else that nobody really needs to know but you’d like to tell everyone because you’re awesome.
Sample Facebook Status: Jane Stephens is headed to London with her new iPhone for her 2nd JOB INTERVIEW!!!!! :))))

“Hey, did you see Jane’s newest Facebrag? Eesh.”

Lmao! Super familiar.
I saw so many facebrags, super beh tahan. *shakes head*

Is that attention seeking disorder? Never mind, I’ll ask Jones again about it. (:

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