Mr.Vamp’s 21st

Poh-pee, poh-pee, poh-pee!! Blast!! :D
Yesh, I went to Poppy last Friday to celebrate Vamp aka Ng Jian Yi’s 21st birthday.
It feels like it’s been forever since I last club because I didn’t really club on aaron’s farewell, hur hur.
But me is back now, I wanna partay again. Hee… >:]
Oh yah, not to forget special thanks to Michael for helping me getting cheaper liquors and tables.
And also sorry for the waiting which somehow destroy your Genting plan. I’m so so sorwee! :X

* See see see, my hair so long already and I cut my fringe *grins*. Oh, that’s Wah Foon by the way.

* While waiting for the whole gang to reach at some mamak.

* Me, Ee, and the other half of the twins Wah Yan.

* The younger twin and the elder twin.

* Me like this picture. (:

* Look at his face! Minum banyak kan?

* Lol, why Mah Weng Kee’s expression always so stoning one?

* Bump into Joshieeeee and force him to take a picture with me, haha.

* Yi, Ken, me, and Ee Cheeng. Ken lost his stuff there, poor him. ):

* Have to take group picture when everyone is still sober.

* Mickey mouse, who left quite early and didn’t even dance at all. Sien-ness. @__@

* Oww, candid. boom . boom . dance . dance. >:]

* The poser birthday boy, lol.

* Hahaha, with Jones.

* And of course, birthday + Poppy = swimming. Wet wet wet.

* Ken’s turn being force down into the pool. What? Begging for mercy?

* Yi giving his thumb to Jones and Ken giving his middle finger, lol.

* Me, still normal.

These guys are fark man!!!
Because they throw me down the pool. ):< I've been avoiding and running and hiding and what not but still, they catch me and force me. ): Look at my damn size and the guys' size. @___@ Omfg! I said I surrender and I will go down myself, I took off my heels. Fark man, I wanna walk down the pool slowly but they farking push me!! Hur hur, and I'm the only girl went down the pool. Why so unfair one? Why always bully me? Maximum cham-ness. ): dsc04226copy
* See lar, see. I came up from the pool, went to toilet and dry my clothes. Wtf!

* Hur hur hur, wet hair! My eyes effing pain lor cause I wear lens. And my make up! And my tattoo!!! Screw them!!

* Yi’s brother, Jian Liang who exchange his tee with the brother. And I look so dry after awhile. @__@

There’s a lot more pictures, you can go check it out at facebook.
Jian Liang even uploaded my super wet picture, just right after I came up from the pool. @__@
I seriously enjoyed myself that night, awesome night with the Cheras Clan-ers. (:
Its okay to went down to the pool but no second time. Seriously!
Let’s do another one on September for Jian Liang, fun fun fun. (:

* I’m at Poppy and I wish you’re here with me, really.

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