My one day road trip in Melbourne.

Yes, I do go to road trip too, I don’t just stay in the city.
But just one road trip for the entire three months if my memory did not fail me, it was way too cold for us to go on a road trip.

Ben rented a car and off we go to Mount Dandenong. (:
First stop was Puffing Billy. It’s a century old steam train that will bring us around the mountain allowing us to have a view at the scenic Dandenong ranges.
There’s a history to it but I cant quite remember it right now, haha.
The price is slightly expensive to me but I did had fun sitting on a steam train listening to the puff-puff sound that the train makes. (:

* Say hi to billy.

* Train stop.

* And the best part is of course we get to sit at the edge and put our legs outside!

* Like this! :D

* And stuck my head outside hoping that there aint any giant knife chopping my head away.

* ‘putt-putt’

* We didn’t go all the way, we just stop at the middle, get down and snapped some pictures.

* It’s really really cold.

Went for late lunch after saying bye to Billy at a place I cant remember.
I just remember seeing lots of cows when I was enjoying my meal. Or was it lots of sheep?
The restaurant is surrounded by beautiful trees.

* Lovely branches and dried leaves. Love it!

Leave the place and went uphill to enjoy the friggin cold breeze and beautiful view.
Boyf said I sure will like this and brought me to this Giant’s Chair.

* Trying to show how giant the chair is.

* I wonder how many times he sat on this Giant’s Chair, haha.

* If only my picture can tell you how cold it is at that very moment.

* This is a tree hole ….

* …for people like me to make a wish. ‘Dear tree hole, ………’

* Of all trees, why did I picked the one that look most pathetic?

* He’d been to all these places for a few times, yet he brought me there for me to enjoy my holiday. How nice of him (:

Since the boyf bought his i4, we’ve always been taking pictures with Instagram. Especially me because it can save me lotsa hassle from editing my pictures and I took all of ’em with his account.
He don’t really bother accepting requests or stuff like that, so three weeks back I took over and created my own account instead. muahaha!
Follow me if you wish, just look for ‘peggychow’. (:

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