My Pink Camera

Yeap, at last, at last, at last, I got the camera I wanted so long ago. Its Sony Cyber-shot T70.
I bought it for Rm1330 with 1GB memory card, pink leather case, and a screen protector from Low Yat. I’m so happy with my new toy. :)

The pink case. :)

Its so so pretty right? I love the colour so much. :)


Its touch screen.

The colour is so lovely and omg I’m loving it so so much. Can you tell that I’m really really happy. I got the pink camera I wanted, I got the pink handphone I wanted, and I got the pink watch I wanted. I guess I’m so-oh in love with the colour pink. I fall in love with this colour after I watch Power Rangers. The Pink Ranger – Kimberly made me fall in love with this colour till today. I know it sounds funny. Pink pink pink pink pink pink pink pink…… lalalalalalalalalalala…


  1. Amelia.wahwah November 10, 2007

    yerrrrrrrrrrr….i want it too..sobsob…

    peggy ahhh… need to buy dat camera case separately right? or this is a different 1..
    wat’s the actual price of the camera?

  2. Peggy November 11, 2007

    Amelia: Erm, depends where you buy from. If you buy from Sony Center it will be more expensive. Rm1399 only for the camera and if you add another Rm100 you will get 1GB memory card and that leather case and it totals up to Rm1499. However, if you buy from camera shop they will give you cheaper price. Different shop different price so if you want a cheaper one you have to do survey. Mine is Rm1330 include everything from camera to case, memory card and screen protector. I guess Low Yat has cheaper price.

  3. Tyna November 22, 2007

    love the camera and the colour – pink!

    hmm, do you know how much does sony t20 cost at low yat?

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