My watch :”(

Wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m so fucking piss off I wanna chop people’s head off.
What a nice way to start my friday, wtf.
Some fucking idiot broke my Levis watch and I don’t know who is that fucking idiot.
I woke up and the next thing I saw is my broke-into-half-watch.
My maid said she did not broke it. My mom say she did not broke it. My brother say she did not broke it. My aunt say she did not broke it. Who the fuck broke it then? My dad broke it ah? Wtf!!!

*My heart broke into half, my watch also follow me and broke into half. Wtf!

Wtf wtf wtf…
Now my maid tell me that it is my bloody retarded cousin who spoil my watch. Wtf man…
I no longer can stay under the same roof with this super retarded cousin.
My mom asked me to keep everything valuable with me because this retarded fella crazy.
My aunt say his retarded son wanna revenge wtf.
Revenge shit ah? I haven’t revenge he revenge. Since he stay in my house, we never have a peaceful day. Before this he stole Rm500 from my Atm and now broke my watch. WTF!!!
Well fine, I’m gonna claim back from my aunt. This stupid fella is so crazy my mom asked us not to disturb him and wait till end of the year for him to shift. I’m so annoyed. I’m gonna curse him forever and ever and ever!!! You will not know how I feel because I don’t think you have met such a retarded person in your life. Should send him to Tanjung Rambutan wtf.

P.S: I was so stunt this morning when I saw the watch and thinking although I say I end it for real this time but doesn’t mean have to spoil the watch he buys for me right? I’m seriously so sad and angry because I like that watch so much. :”( I AM VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER ANGRY!!! Sigh, I hope my watch can be fix.

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