Naili’s Place

I was craving for Nasi Lemak last night, and so Mr.Teh suggested that we go to Sentul, for this restaurant called Naili’s Place. As what he told us, this place is a very unique place to dine in.


I like the double storey hut, its very fun to sit upstairs. : )


They have very nice decorations there. The whole concept is about island. They have yatch, shells every where, small boats, and lots more which I couldn’t remember.


I like this swing a lot. : ) I like swings that made out of wood or old tyre..

Three of us ate the same thing, which is of course Nasi Lemak. The Rendang is nice, everything is nice, except that the rice is a little too wet. A plate of Nasi Lemak cost Rm5.90, and its quite worth the price.

Pictures are all too dark, so I have to edit it. It looks so not nice after editing, : (
Mr.Teh and me..

First picture of me and Jones (Sei Banana)..

Some freak thing happen before that…

I took pictures. Snap, snap, snap. They see, see, see.
Eh, how come this picture so funny geh. How come so spooky.
Whats that thing there? And when I took it to see, I went stunt.
It was so scary and it scare the shit out of me and then I scream, and I go shaking, and then I go crazy. Because this picture is taken by me, its even more scarier.

Did you see anything??

And lastly, I went back to the scene and found out that its the stupid leaves. Goddamnit.


  1. Techguy April 18, 2008

    Pls try to check the script of your blog……kaspersky detected trojan while visiting your blog. All the best to you ;)

  2. kelle April 19, 2008

    Your last picture did spooked me! Don’t dare to have any glance on it anymore…

  3. Joe April 20, 2008

    wah, the last picture scared me abit.. u sure dat’s leaves? i see its like people

  4. Peggy April 22, 2008

    Techguy: I am trying to fix it already, thanks a bunch. :)

    kelle: It spook me at first. It spook me a lot. Haha..

    Joe: Ya, I’m quite sure thats leaves because I went back and check it. Haha.. It is indeed scary..

  5. Desmond Law April 23, 2008

    Oh Peggy jie,my Kapersky still detected some trojan. I thought it was not yours but since I saw the comment then I can confirm it’s from you.

    Don’t think negative, think positive. When you think negative, your mind will control you to think more negative until lead to misunderstanding and afraid. If you think that you really afraid of something that you see, don’t afraid. Try to look back and overcome your scariness by staring the things, then you will know that it’s actually not that scare…It’s nothing actually… Try it!

    I seldom come here, but because of your special and great image, I like your blog! Keep on going!

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