Nasi Lemak

There is this Nasi Lemak stall located at Taman Mulia, near Bandar Tun Razak’s LRT station.
The road is call Jalan Budiman, opposite of 7-11.
Their lauk (is it call dishes?) is very tasty, especiall the lamb.
Everytime I buy the Nasi Lemak, I will not miss out the lamb. Finger lickin’ good I tell you.

This is the man selling the Nasi Lemak.

Our conversation:
Me: Brother, can I capture some pictures?
Nasi Lemak man: Huh? For what?
Me: Nolah, your Nasi Lemak taste so good, I wanna put in my blog and share with others.
Nasi Lemak man: Oh, ok, go ahead.
He was smilling all the way after I say his Nasi Lemak taste good. Haha.. :D

The chicken, The lamb, & The beef.

The beef again, The kerang (I couldn’t remember what it is call in English), & The cuttlefish.

The egg & The petai.

The Nasi Lemak that I bought, contains lamb and beef, and of course nasi.
It cost me RM3.50, which I think is pretty cheap, because the Nasi lemak man gave quite a lot of lauk.

The pictures may show that this Nasi Lemak is like any other normal Nasi Lemak, but I tell you, it is not. It really taste very good. Go and have a try.

And oh ya, I almost forgot about the curry.

This is the curry chicken I stole from Shaun’s kitchen.
Very little, right? Have to take more next time.
His mom can really cook nice curry, and I really couldn’t resist them.
This is the second time I’m snatching the curry away, and I guess there is more to come. Haha..


  1. -shaun- January 15, 2007

    haha…the naughty 1 of you,
    how dare u steal CURRY from ma house…lol..
    Im gonna tell my mom…o.0

  2. firewire January 15, 2007

    you making me hungry in the middle of the nite, gosh it really look tempting and inviting

  3. ad January 15, 2007

    wah. now i feel like having nasi lemak for breakfast edi :D

    – ad

  4. Peggy January 15, 2007

    Haha.. you guys must really try it out..
    Then I must always post foods and make you guys eat a lot till fat fat.. Haha..

  5. Moneybin January 16, 2007

    The more u post bout the food, the more desire for me to go to try!!!!

  6. Hackezkk January 16, 2007

    hahahahah…look very DELICIOUUUUSSSSSSSSS
    where izzit?the stall…neva try lamb lauk b4

  7. Peggy January 16, 2007

    Hackezkk: you know Bandar Tun Razak’s Lrt station??
    There is 7-11 near by there.. and this stall is opposit of 7-11, and also opposite of one mamak.. i couldn’t remember the mamak’s name, but I’ll go find it out if you want.. The lamd is so delicious.. try it..

  8. Hackezkk January 18, 2007

    morning only ah?

  9. Peggy January 18, 2007

    Nope, it is only available on the evening.. mostly around 5 or 6 o’clock..

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