New Semester

My class start tommorow, or should I say today since it already past 12.
Not really ready to go back to college yet, but no choice, have to.
Only take 3 subjects this semester, because this 3 is the only remaining subject and after this I’m going to Year 1. Cant wait for it.
Economics, Quantitative Methods and Computing Essential, none of it which I like.
But maybe after studying these subjects, I might love it.

Results is out yesterday, not that I’m very good in my studies, just happy that I didnt fail any.
1st semester’s result:
Introduction to Business : 67 – B
Office Application : 71 – B
Introduction to Probability and Statistics : 70 – B
Malaysian Studies : 67 – B
Film & Arts Appreciation : 53 – C

2nd semester’s result:

Accounting Practice : 69 – B
Computing Studies : 68 -B
Algebra & Trigonometri : 51 – C
Moral Studies : 75 – B
Writing for Academic Purposes : 76 – B+

3rd Semester’s result:
Economics: ?
Quantitative Methods: ?
COmputing Essential: ?

So far, I didnt get any A yet, will try my best in this semester. Ah, really have to work hard.
Not sure whether am I choosing the right course a not.
Actually wanna go to art school, but couldn’t afford the money and the risk.
How I wish I have the talent like others in drawing.
If so happens that you know how to draw, or craft, or photoshop, or anything like this, do teach me. Hehe.. Am practising to draw better.

[I am not sure whether forgiving him again is right or wrong. Angry at him just make myself suffer. If there is someone better, I might let go of him. Just have to wait and see.]


  1. firewire January 3, 2007

    work hard girl, try getting A and B this semester but economics might be a little boring, so dont fall asleep when having econs class :p

    i dunno much about the story but i think angry with someone will make things worst. communication is very important, it makes two hearts closer to each other

  2. Peggy January 3, 2007

    I’ll work hard. I wanna get an A also..
    I wont fall asleep de..
    Ya, angry at someone will only make matter worst..

  3. Moneybin January 5, 2007

    Hello!!!! I’m ur new reader.

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