Don’t you ever fucking dare wear FUR. What I’m saying is real fur. You never know how those animals suffer for these humans who wear fur. It is extremely cruel for human to wear fur. Those people who skin those animals should rot in hell and be burn forever. They just hit and kick and step on those animals and its so torturing. You can see tears in those animal’s eyes. I know they are not human, but they don’t deserve to be treat like this. What rights do we human have to make them so hurt and painful? The only thing we have which is more powerful than them is our fucking brain and now the brain is not use wisely, wtf. Don’t wear any fur please. Don’t support this evil deeds. When there is no more demand, there will be no more supply. Rich people out there, god gave you a good life and you should feel grateful. You should help the poor and help those in need, no matter is human being or animals. God did not gave you those money to buy that god damn fur. So much pain when I watch this video. So pain.. :'(

Warning: Video contains scenes of torturing and slaughtering, be prepared before watching.

If you really think that these animals shouldn’t be treated this way, you can always support them by donating to Peta.
Stop this cruelty and help these animals.

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