Not Going Back

Sorry again for the lack of posting.
I was kind of emo few days ago, but I’m much more better already.
Well, quite good actually. :)

However, last night is a night of hell for me.
I have supper in front of my college last night.
I ate at a Nigeria or Africa’s restaurant because I really wanna try their food.
They have funny funny stuff like rice being press together or something like kuih.
It is serve with some gravy and meat, and their meat is very tasty.
I wanted to take some pictures but I left the camera in the car and I thought to myself, maybe I can show you guys some other time, since it taste so nice, I am going back again.

And at midnight………………………………..
My stomach pain like hell, I keep going to toilet.
It is so pain that I feel like crying.
I called Shaun to let him know, and guess what.
He is also going to the toilet like I do.
I am not sure whether is the food not clean or our stomach is not use to it, but I don’t think I am going back again because I am very very afraid of that pain.
Too bad to dissapoint you, but I don’t think I will ever have those pictures because I am not going back to eat.


  1. -shaun- May 25, 2007

    i think is the food le…

  2. moneybin May 25, 2007

    Hoho… Kena food poison ah!!! U can sue tat rest and can get the pampasan

  3. Peggy May 28, 2007

    -shaun- : Yup, the food. I am not going back again.

    moneybin: I kena food poison and you are laughing at me. Bad..

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