So sad.. My old blog is accidentally deleted by my brother. And this is the new one. Lucky my old one had very little posts.

4th November
I forgave him. We went to Time Square to catch a movie, Open Season. This is a cartoon that is suitable for kids and adults. I rate it 3.5/5, you might want to give it a try. Before the movie we went to Kopitiam Station, I actually don’t quite remember the name of the cafe. Their half-boil egg is so yummy. Maybe you will think that all half-boil eggs are the same, but actually no. It depends on how long you boil it, and how hot the water is. Theirs half-boil egg is just so perfect. Very nice.

Egg Shell.
Egg Shells.

Pepper and Soy sauce which you must put to make the eggie tasty..

Tada!! After stirring the egg and mixing with the seasoning..


Nice right? After the meal and movie we head to Station One and we order cake as the next day is my big day. Hehe.. And the cake comes out like this……

I didn’t get to make a wish, and that is the only cake I have for this year. Because I am too nervous, I totally forget about making wishes. How sad. But overall, it is quite a wonderful day for me.
5th November

My Birthday. I am not very happy on this day. My mom did not wish me Happy Birthday, did not say anything, no, nothing. How can she do that? Its my birthday. She will always be like that, and this is the reason I hate staying at home sometimes. Shaun made barbecue for me. He get all the things ready for me. But a lot of my friends cant come. I really am not so happy. Every year, the same thing happens. Sometimes I wonder where are all my friends when my birthday comes. Sad. But the barbecue is fun. Thanks to my darling, and my friends who attend. Thank you. Some of the pictures…

Me in my green dress. (This picture is a bit blurry.)


Darling and me..

Ken Jee and me..

Ok, after the barbecue I went home, very exhausting, and so I decide not to go to college the next day. I want to go SWIMMING!! Hehe.. I am very tired and want to relax myself, so I choose swimming, which is quite relaxing for me, although I don’t know how to swim. Lol..

6th November

Swimming day, but the weather sucks. Drizzling and kind of windy, but I don’t care. I just wanna jump into the water. And this is me before getting wet..

Me after wetting..

I tie my hair into a bun when I swim. When I get home, I feel asleep. After when I woke up, I take off my hair and this happens……

MY HAIR BECOMES CURLY!! OMG.. I am extremely happy. Haha.. Do I look better in straight hair or curly hair? My friends say I look better in curly hair, they say I look cuter.

Haha, I will try to make my hair curly by myself and not going to saloon. Going to saloon cost a lot. Hehe.. Happy.

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  1. dar dar November 7, 2006

    hey there …nice curly hair ah^^…
    hm…even my coll friends say that ….curly hair nice^^

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