One Hectic Week

Hey peeps!!

I’m so sorry for not updating, it has really been a hectic week for me. I spent most of my time doing assignments.
I just finished three assignments and I’ve got a few more, which is very important I must say.
I hope my semester ends faster, I can’t cope with the stress. Oh, and I just screw my presentation the other day, haha.

I remember I did mentioned before that I wanted to go for tarot reading and I did, last Sunday.
I wonder to what extent the words that came out from this tarot lady is true. I’m not gonna elaborate more on that, not gonna tell you guys what she said to me. :p

I’m on financial crisis AGAIN!!! Omgwtfbbq, financial crisis + loads of assignments + finals + brain malfunction, all these are really killing me.
Luckily I still have a bunch of buddies around me to calm me down, or else I’ll be appearing on headline; ‘A 20 years old girl jump sea due to assignments and lack of money’. (my birthday is not here yet, so I’m still 20) Don’t laugh.
Wth, I keep using that word, ‘jump sea’ which is a direct translate from Chinese.

And oh, my brother just took his result for SPM yesterday and damn, I’m so proud of him. He get 9A’s, not all are A1s but still, I’m really proud of him. At the same time I feel shitty, the contrast is too big. I only get 3A’s back then, boo.
Memang memalukan, wtf. Sigh, I wish I did better.
I wish to turn back time and fix all those mistakes. But to come to think of it, its not that bad after all.
That one whole year, I really did learn a lot. Especially thanks to Ezen Bobo (hahahahahahaha) who guide me along the way. :’D

I cant wait for tomorrow, I’m attending friend’s birthday party. This whole week is so borinnnng, doing assignments and only assignments. I think tomorrow will be a hell lot of fun. :’D
My post is so random.

Boo! Byebye.


  1. ee March 14, 2009

    woi.. Y ezen bobo me? Swt case..
    Kuan yew..

  2. Peggy March 15, 2009

    ee: Ahahahahahahahah, cause its funny. :’D Laugh sei, laugh sei..

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