Party with the Cheras Clan-ers

You know, I’ve been going to clubs kinda frequently and now people always said all these lines to me, ‘Wah, you always go clubbing hor?’ or ‘Eh kaki, didn’t go club today?’.
Yes, I do go frequently but its not like I must go everyday.
I didn’t went for almost 3 weeks and now I’m going for 3 weeks straight. Hahaha, its fun baby.
Going to club is the only time where I didn’t think of any problems at all, not like I have any problem now but still…

* Yours truly…

I went to Barcelona with the Cheras gang on last Saturday. I’ve been wanting to go to club with them for the longest time.
Secondary friends are always the best. (:

* Kee Pok, me, and Ee Cheeng. I think Kee Pok really had a lot of fun because he dance so happily and he’s drunk in the end. Hahaha..

Kok Hoe, me, Ee Cheeng, and Yi. Why are we divided into two groups?

* Okay, a better one.

* Nam Hon and me.

* Gorilla Ken and his friend.

* Me and Mickey Mouse, who just cant stop staring at hot girls dancing.

* Hahahahahaha, funny looking Yi.

* The guys toasting.

* Whose the noob who took this picture?

* Nam Hon, me, and Ee Cheeng. Ouh, look at the girl behind. Haha..

Me and Ee Cheeng left Barcelona to join another bunch of friends at Coco Banana, which didn’t turn out too well for me I must say.

* Me and the silly Sean.

* Almost, a-l-m-o-s-t there………

* Roger and me.

* There!! Drunk!! Hahahaha.. Not me but her.

* Kahz and me, he’s super addicted to Texas Hold ‘Em Poker.


I just went for my first Copywriting class this morning and the lecturer is kinda funny although he talks non-stop. He said that anyone can be a copywriter as long as you’ve got a functioning brain.
He asked us this question and lets see if you guys can guess it right.

Whose the best copywriter in the world?
Hints: Famous, a really famous person.

The one who got it right gets a free packet of Pocky. :D

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