Penang, how I miss you.

I went to Penang last weekend and it has made an impact on me. Not a good impact I must say.
I drag going to work so much on the first day.
I just wanna be on a holiday and enjoy life.
But of course that doesn’t sound quite possible. Or you can say, DREAM ON!

I have been going to Penang for three consecutive years including this and this time round, there’s no pictures.
This is a lazy trip, eat and sleep and that’s about it.
The best food I ate in Penang was the Asam Laksa. So darn good, I feel like I can eat a bowl even if I’m mad full.
But I didn’t of course.

We stayed in BayView Resort and although the hotel is a little worn out, I still did enjoy my stay there.
The dark room we slept in.

I miss Penang and the trip already!
I miss sticking to the boyf day and night, haha fuck-his-life.
I miss all the crapping moments in the car.

It was a great trip and I cant wait for another one to come.

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