I am so tired and moody.
Very very moody. I feel that I’m very unwanted.
It seems like I am not very important, to family or friends.
I don’t think people need me. I don’t think that without me, they will be less happy.
I feel that I am very annoying and I am very stupid.
I am stupid, I am brainless, I am very annoying, I looks like an idiot……
Damn, I hate myself now..
I know people dislike me, people hate me..
I exist or not, doesn’t really matter actually..
For now, I feel like staying away from people and live in my own world.
Moody sucks like hell.
I want to cry. But the stupid tears just don’t want to come out, even i squeeze it.

Damn! Bye….


Oh ya, his mom is in a stable condition now. Not fully conscious, but I guess tomorrow she will. Pray hard people.


  1. ericsoon April 5, 2007

    Peggy just don’t give yourself so much pressure … nice atleast she is stable oledi.

  2. wahwah April 9, 2007

    peggy dear ..

    dat’s ur own opinion only, u know ma..? u even say ppl hate u n dislike u..dat’s not true ler..indeed, wahwah loves my jimui much much loo.. ;)

    anyway, peggy, do u know dat CHRIST is wif shaun’s mum? =) God’s blessing is upon her.. Praise GOD..we even prayed dat she won’t feel pain. As u know, this is a MAJOR operation..through the skull somemore..should b very painful..even she’s given painkiller..but shaun’s mummy said dat she doesn’t feel pain. Isn’t dat miracle? thank GOD..

    peggy, try not to be too moody too take care o

  3. Peggy April 10, 2007

    ericsoon: I am so moody lately..

    Wahwah: His mom say she saw Jesus and say handsome. Haha.. She is much better and better.. So happy for her..

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