i very geram the stupid tmnet at sri petaling!!
takes forever to process my uni pack, damn it.
all my friends who register it later than me got theirs already! ):< pfft, damn mad.
and please, i really really wanna chop off my damn hair.
i’m waiting for my friend to come back to kl to give me a hair cut. U_U
i beh tahan my stupid hair already, ugh.

when guy’s stress, they go bald.
i’m not gonna go bald like britney spears, but i really wanna chop it off!

sigh, i’ve been missing out a lot of classes lately due to work and the penang trip.
i seriously feel so bei inside the class.
my lecturer talked bout jungle tracking because he loves it.
and he said, ‘you guys must go for jungle tracking at least …’, waiting for us to complete his sentence.
and my answer inside my mind is ‘at least once in a lifetime’ (because i dislike jungle tracking and camping and what not).
he continues ‘ least one in every six months’.
my reaction, ‘…. swt, luckily i didn’t answer him wtf’ -_-

another one was when he asked, ‘what is the food the copywriter needs?’.
yah, its the copywriting class which i’m taking for the second time cause i fail it! pfft!!
so my answer for his question inside my mind was ‘chicken essence..’ ‘grapes or some kind of fruit that can make the brain more creative..’
and someone answered him, ‘ideas’.
lecturer: YES! correct
me: (wtf!! chicken essence wtf. how can i think of such things wtf!)

i think of real food ok,
aih i stomach pain now i don’t want to type anymore.
angry pfft!


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