Piss or Happy?

Ok, I’m fucking piss right now.
I was suppose to be very happy but now damn piss off.
Let me rant a bit first, I’ll try to make it short.

Today I’ve got one super lansi and sohai reseller.
All this while, all my resellers are very friendly but today, a sohai reseller appeared. -.-
He complaint that we didn’t do work, its like wtf.
Hello Mr, we helped you sold two modems, k? If we didn’t work, who the fuck sold the modems?
I know you are damn hardworking, I can see that but that doesn’t mean we didn’t do anything, k?
You are freaking hardworking, keep giving brochures but in the end you sell none.
Skill baby, skill. Its not only about hardworking.
Damn ignorant fella. Told him not to show demo and speedtest because its really slow, maybe because of upgrading but never listens.

He got this stupid sohai look on his face, as though what we are telling him is pure cock like that.
In the end, show stupid speedtest and make the customer run away because its slow. Brainless or not? Brain malfunction or what? Cannot load what is ‘do not do demo’ is it? Sohai.

Complaint that we didn’t work when we sold two whereas he own self sold none. Some more wanna smoke when wearing uniform, affecting the company’s name only. Sohai.
Complain complain and complain, I complain him smoking then he know.
Tomorrow he wants us to sell 3 modems. If we sold 3 modems and he still make a fucking sound, I’m gonna stuff the whole modem into his esophagus, damn it.

Luckily I’ll be working with him for two days only. If not, I’m afraid I cannot hold myself and go give him a flying kick. Banyak sohai punya orang, kasih tumbuk kang, mampus dia. Kepala otak babi. -.- Sorry, I’ll go crazy when sohai things happen.


Ok, enough of the ranting already.
Before this sohai fella do this sohai thing, I was actually very happy.
I received a sms and I’m like so so so happy. :’D
My supervisor called me before that and asked me if I can do OT again.
I did consider for a little while because I can get a lot of money but I’m too tired, I need rest.
So I decide to give up the good money, lol.
And since last week I did not have any off day at all and also doing OT for 3 days, I asked him for off day.

I want to have off day on Thursday because I seriously can’t wait for off day anymore and I also already made an appointment for something else.
But then I also want to have off day on Friday so badly, because I wanna have the same off day as my darlings, so we can go out together.
So at last I decide to give up having an earlier off day and go for Friday. I sms my supervisor and told him I wanna have off day on Friday, but I thought to myself that things wont go so smoothly.
To my surprise, he said I can get off day on Thursday and also Friday.

Once I saw that message, I was so freaking happy. I looked at my colleague and give him a super super big smile and keep saying yay yay yay yay yay, haha.
I keep smiling and laughing and yaying for so long, I am so so so happy. :’D
I’ve never been this happy for a long time already, I really smile from my heart.
I know, its just two off days but it means a lot to me.
Because I wasn’t expecting this, I was expecting either I get off day on Thursday or none at all.

Ah, what Jones said was right. Expect the opposite and when the things you hope for really come true, you will really be happy. :’D

But then that damn sohai ruin my day. I was waiting to go home so that I can share my happy news with Dex so we both can be happy happy about it, but then I’m so moodless because of that sohai. Sigh..

No no, I wont let sohais ruin my happiness. I am still very happy now. :’D
I’m so busy this 2 weeks, I don’t even have the time to camwhore. lol
An old one will do. : )

* Happy. (Wah, I look a lot like my mom and I also look a lot like my dad. -.- haha)

P/S: Cant wait for my off day. YAY!!! :’D And oh, I spot a copy cat. lol


  1. Kidz88rex December 17, 2008

    w00t … =.=” … work happily .. haha xD


  2. Rodney December 17, 2008

    who is the copy cat?

  3. happening December 17, 2008

    work hard and play hard k? cheers!

  4. Peggy December 18, 2008

    Kidz88rex: Lol.. Hahahaha.. Oklah, I will. : )

    Rodney: Not telling, not telling. Haha.. :’D

    happening: Yes I will. Cheers :’D

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