Random Twelve

1) Paris. A place where I’m dying to go to pursue my dream.

2) Sometimes I really wish that jellyfish don’t sting. I want to swim with jellyfishes, tons and tons of em around me. Not that I can really swim, but still… and and and I’ll be glad to keep them as my pet. You know the tiny and colourful jellyfishes, I want to put them in a very nice aquarium and see them swim. (:

3) I love chandeliers. Be it the humongous ones or the small and simple ones, I just love them. I really wish to have a small one in my room.

4) Out of all the four seasons, I love autumn the most. Funny how I’ve never really experience autumn but I really like the idea of dry orangey leaves all over the place. I want to sit on a pile of dry leaves, under a big tree and read a book. *mmm* (:

5) I’ve always wonder how it will be like to live in a treehouse. I want my own treehouse, with a super comfy couch, tons and tons of books, and lots of pretty teacups for me to drink my tea while I read.

And cheesecake please. :*D

6)Perfect room. With nets and those lights hanging. I’ve always wanted my bed to be covered with nets and tiny lights hanging all over my room. I need to get those lights someday. Like really.

7) I want bathtub! I just want to lie in it with super hot water covering my body and do nothing. Just lie in it for hours and think. And reflect. Especially when I don’t feel like talking to anybody.

8 ) Love candles too. I want my room to be filled with candles but then again, I’m actually quite afraid of them. I’m afraid that I might set my house on fire. Paranoid.

9) I want to bake. I want to bake really nice cookies and give it to people I like. :*) But I don’t know how, I’m really super lousy at it. I need people to teach me. Susan???

10) Love colourful balloons. I really wish to hold a big bunch of colourful balloons and walk down a beautiful street with someone I love. See, that’s the result of watching too much tv and drama. ahhah

11) When depression kicked in, I feel like cutting myself and seeing the blood flow. But I’m a lousy person you see, I’m afraid of pain. Wtf. And no, I don’t cut myself after so many years. I just feel like.

12) I hope this wont scare you. But I really have the urge to slash those people I hate. Especially when they get on my nerves, I just cant help but want to slash them. Of course, I wont. I’m still sane, wtf.

I forgot where are the pictures from, so no credit. Do tell me if it’s yours and I’ll credit you. (:
I’m quite unwell at the moment, but I hope I’ll soon be fine.
Wednesday night, anyoneeeee? :*D


  1. Slowie September 15, 2009

    Love your choice of pictures, they all look nice! … I’m not good at baking, it’s just my interest lol… but yeah why not?! ;)

  2. Peggy September 17, 2009

    slowie: thanks :*D no matter how bad you are at baking, you definitely will be better than me. i once baked muffin, and even my dog don’t wanna eat it. that’s how bad it is. omg T______T

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