Rm3.60 at Starhill

Rm3.60? At starhill?
What’s that?

Louis Vuitton?
Yeah, I wish too. Hah.
It’s tea break at Starhill, which only cost Rm3.60 per item.
Isn’t the deal great although it isn’t Louis Vuitton.

It’s at the floor below the entrance, not all the restaurants though. Only some.
The only one I remember is Shook, and Fisherman Cove.
Went to Shook on the second last day with the boys.

* Guess what he’s doing. (nice shot ler? *self praise* wtf)

* Not liking the picture I took of the foods, only boys picture. My sifu and Gavin taking ciggie break.

* And of course, my reflection.

Food at Shook is only so so, seriously. Wouldn’t want to give it a second try if you ask me.
But I guess they’ll taste better if there isn’t any promo.

Went to Starhill again on the last day with my girls, trying a different restaurant this time.

* Foon and me.

* Eva and Yan, both my coursemates.

* I tried Fisherman Cove this time.

* The drinks which cost Rm3.60 too. Do not order the drinks if you can, doesn’t taste nice at all.

* Lamb that cost three sixty. :D

* Carbonara Spaghetti.

* Beef Satay.

Fisherman’s Cove taste a whole lot better than Shook in my opinion. Their food is a lot more tastier.
Their Carbonara Spaghetti is goooood, really creamy. Me like.
For the portion, of course it won’t be big.

One Carbonara Spaghetti and a plate of lamb is enough to fill up my tummy but if it ain’t enough, an additional bowl of soup will be just nice.
Well, at the end of the day it ain’t THAT cheap but lunching at Starhill for three sixty a plate, hell that’s a pretty good deal.

Now the promo is back, I’m not sure till when but do go there and have a good tea break with your friends.
Only available from 3pm to 6pm.
I’m going again tomorrow!! heh! (:


  1. Ee July 16, 2010

    The shot of Mr. Mah is nice!

  2. Peggy July 16, 2010

    ofcozi, i’m good at snapping his pics. bwahah!

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