I never play extreme games or extreme sport or whatever extreme.
I have if you consider riding a bicycle is extreme.

My friends have been playing rollerblade and they told me its fun.
So, why not and I give it a try.
We went to Sungai Wang and it cost Rm8 if you have student card and Rm16 if you don’t.
You can play it for whole day and they don’t charge you for the rollerblade.

The first thing to learn is how to balance yourself, to me at least. You don’t have to actually follow what I say. It is so slippery, you may fall anytime.
There is a lot of stand at the corner and you can hold on to it. It is for beginners like me. :)
I try to roll slowly, very slowly, step by step, and it works.
There are lots of people(lalas) there, and they roll very fast and they actually keep knocking people down. I fall down quite a lot of times and once is where someone knock on me. It pain like hell.

I don’t think I can go very fast with it, because I am very afraid.
My heart couldn’t take it. It is fun when I can learn new things like this.
I want to try ice skating, but not so soon maybe. I always wanted to try ice skating, I think it is cool and fun. :)
I don’t know why I am so into sport games lately. I play badminton, I play bowling, I play rollerblade, and I play pool. But I only know how to play a little bit, all ‘half pail of water’. Haha.

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