Say YES to Stormtroopers

So that day as I passed by Lot10 heading to Pavilion for Jukoon’s birthday, I saw this white starwars look alike thingy walking around.
And I was thinking what-the-hell is this thing doing on the street and then I gave it a second glance before I totally lost sight of it.

Then I get to know days later that actually my ex-supervisor is one of them.
I lol-ed at him. wtf.

THEN I got a call and asked if I’m available for work.
The first thing I saw when I stepped into the office today is this white starwars thingy.
No reaction given, I was too stone. Hey I didn’t know I was gonna work with the starwars!

I bet everyone knows it except for me, this white thingy is actually called stormtrooper.
Sorry I’m not at all a starwars fan. I find it dumb with that stupid sound effect wtf.
Anyway, so this stormtroopers are the people I work with until the following week.
Imagine facing them almost everyday.

I’ve got four of them working with me today and boy, they’re funny!
The way they walk and everything, made me laugh like mad.

* By-passers love them and they’re always asking for pictures.

* I jumped on the bandwagon and took a picture with stormtroopers too.

* So what is these stormtroopers with a YES sticking on their body all about?

Well, it is actually a new 4G broadband by YTL and these people plus me and the other girls are there to create awareness.
A 4G broadband with voice call.
The rate for it is yet to be out and we people are just there doing the teaser.
However, if you’re really interested do go to their YES website and register your YES ID with a 018 number.
Worry not as you’ll not be charge for anything.


You can hop over to Lot10 and do your registration right there and you’ll be given a Rm10 food voucher at Lot10 Hutong (whereby YTL gather all the best food in town), a keychain, and a shopping bag.
Oww, plus free pictures with our stormtroopers as well.
There’ll be 6 of them at Lot10, and another 4 on roving. So on Thursday 11th November, roving team will rove around The Curve and Ikea area. It’s okay if you’re not around KL area, you can still catch them at Ikea.

On a random note, this is the best bike ever.

* way too cool!

If you realise, the quality of my pictures kinda sucks. That’s because I forgot to bring out my camera and I used my lousy camera phone to snap all this.
The last two was taken with some effects and I figured it somehow looks a little better.
Maybe I shall just use this effect thingy from now on.

I guess prolly these stormtroopers will last till next friday, where YES will finally be launched at Lot10, 5pm. Do drop by and experience yourself what this 4G is all about.
And basically also to enjoy the free meal from that Rm10 voucher.

I is such a good person, promoting for YTL!
Should give me more pay wtf.


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