September is here.

It would be so nice to wake up and see you tangled in the sheets next to me

I welcome September with a smile. (:
I hope it’s going to be a good month.
Well if its not, then please wake me up when September ends.

Tonight’s weather is cold.
I feel cold.
My friend Milo is here to keep me warm, luckily.

Have to start going to college once again.
Am only taking one subject, I’ll be really free.
Class is at 8am tomorrow and I’m going.
No more trading it with stories huh?. hmm.
Aight, gotta sleep now. I sense headache.

p/s: i’m missing a lot of things.


  1. simonso September 2, 2009

    what u missing out wo?

  2. Peggy September 2, 2009

    simonso: a lot ler. i miss the old times. the happy times. hmm mm..

  3. Crystal September 2, 2009

    wake up when September ends.. please =(

  4. Peggy September 3, 2009

    crystal: *hugs* don’t think too much ler.. although i know it will be hard..

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