some leftover photos from last year

It’s the third day of a new year already!
insanely fast!

people has been asking me what’s my new year resolution.
normally every year i do have a list but maybe not this round, realising that i can never keep up to it.
not a list but i have one thing in mind.

* do not get easily affected by whatever others have got to say about me and stay happy.

you should know by now this is a very difficult task for me to do but no harm trying (:
he asked me why am i so easily provoke, i can never answer.
i don’t know either! i have no EQ, that’s it.
but i’m glad he’s here for me this time because my *akhem* bff is gone! GONE!
never mind, i shall meet her in four more months if all else permits. :D

here’s some remaining pictures from last year (:

#1 – Aaron’s birthday!
forced to cook for a few of us on his birthday at ginny’s house, poor thing. haha

* some salmon mushroom spinach thingy, taste kinda good :)

* ginny’s own-made for aaron.

* poor bruce, he don’t even have a proper cake blowing session, alvin using his lighter as candle.

* happy birthday balloon i bought him and i cant stop whacking him with it, hahaha.

2# – Christmas dinner with love at Neo (:

* if you notice, that aint my camera. it’s my brother’s, he passed it to me cause mine is always down with some shivering shit and please excuse my messy room.

* while waiting for our food (:
dinner was great. had foie gras with scallop, lamb shank, and something else that i couldn’t remember of :)

3# Christmas eve with taboo gang.

* hi there.

* vivien, alvin, susan and I went for dinner before the others join in for drinks.

* 3 emo scorpios. no, wait. it’s 4 including the emo cameraman :P

* love you baby :D

* love you too vv :D

* somebody let go tons of white helium balloons, and when the balloons was flying up the sky it looks like a bunch of sperms swimming hahaha.

* and while we’re snapping pictures this random kid walked up to vivien, showed her his puppy eyes asking for the helium balloon she’s holding. he just keeps telling vivien he wants the balloon HAHA! and we gave one to him. too adorable (:

* our second stop at Palate Pallete

* Ian was the first to arrived for second round. if you can tell i’m already red, thanks to the alcohol.

* Vv, susu, me and bruce.

* why are they sooooo cute!?

* the taboo gang with alvin missing. we’re cool like that we name ourselves the taboo gang because we played taboo wtf.

am really glad having these friends around me during christmas eve and my emo girls being there for me.
so much different from the way i celebrated christmas the year before.

4# New year eve
spent my new year eve at d’villa service apartment at ampang with taboo gang again. :D
me and ben went earlier because he wanted a swim but we didn’t stay in the pool for long.
the water was so so cold!

* while waiting for the others to gather at the apartment, nothing else better to do. (:

*while playing cards and why do i look so damn emo here U_U

* emo alvin and happy vivien.

* vivien and bruce (:

* cutie susan and daniel with a moon on his forehead.

* ben’s blur face after waking up for broga hill.

yes right. both of us potong-ed them by going to bed early and waking up after that to go climbing at broga hill.
these guys are still playing when we’re awake.
did not really regret going to broga hill but i guess i wont really go back again.
it’s a little too steep for me, i’m paranoid all the while when i’m trying to go up.
and we didn’t manage reaching the top. what a waste, i know.
another fail sunrise watching.

overall, i had a great new year eve.
especially the fireworks-watching-part. i love watching fireworks.
who don’t? it’s so beautiful. if only we can watch it nearer, it’ll be perfect.

did you guys had a great new year eve?
no idea what 2011 is gonna bring me, but i hope all is good. (:


  1. Ee January 4, 2011

    Where’s me in all those photos? Hor! YOU CUT ME OUT!

  2. Peggy January 4, 2011

    dare say!!!!!

  3. Ee January 14, 2011

    Hur hur hur, u crop me out, I dont want fren you jor la ):

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