some really random pictures before i forget about them.

* mom doing her thing, choosing lobster for our dinner. pity the lobster but they taste goooood! :X

* sunset in front of my house. pretty (:

* went for go-kart, i think it’s at sepang. err, i’m rather bad with directions and names but hey, girls can go have fun for free on friday night.

* there’s this guy sort of like trapped inside. you know mid valley they have displays inside those glasses, and this guy is in it working for Kiehl’s. i wonder how much he get paid.

* the very cute baby boy in my class. his mom is my course mate and she carries her baby into our class every time. of course, we cant help but to play with him, too cute.

* trying to snap the hair clip on his hair.

* there. LOL!

* lan hype.

* baked bird eggs at pasar malam. i didn’t know there were such thing, haven’t been to connaught’s pasar malam for a long time.

since hungry ghost festival started, i’ve been going out every night till late.
i better hope nothing happens to me. :X
please be safe everyone. (:


  1. GIn August 16, 2010

    thats actually a thai thing. quail egg cooked in those things =S urgh!! i was craving for damn long!! now u say connought got lagi emo. nobadi wanna go with me T_T

  2. Peggy August 18, 2010

    gin: find vivien and natalie to go with you. connaught so near, just too many people sometimes.

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