Someone Broke Into My House??

I wasn’t suppose to wake up at 10 in the morning.
Someone outside just keep pressing his car’s horn and it wakes me up.
I lift up a little of my window’s curtain and I saw someone I don’t even know pointing into my house and said ‘number 8, number 8’, which is apparently my house’s number.
I was a little confuse, but I want to pee, and so I went to pee.
And then I came out again, look out of my window again, and I nampak ada police car infront of my house gate.

What the hell is wrong? There shouldn’t be in front of my house gate.
Me and my brother went down and ask itu police what is wrong.
And then I saw my dad’s friend, acting like a mad guy.
He is telling me someone is in my house, I mean broke into my house and he said someone kidnap my mom and whatever shit….
Eh brother, my mom is sleeping beside me la.. Siapa nak kidnap kidnap ni…
All the neighbors were standing outside my house and pat..
So malu, can die.. And the police thought he is the owner of my house.
Nothing is wrong, no one broke into my house, no one kidnap any of us.
Who wanna kidnap us? We are not rich after all.

He is a little bit crazy. Lazy to tell what nonsense he said.
And he tell the police my mom is his girlfriend. Babi, like my mom sudahlah, don’t simply say she is your girlfriend leh.
Should send him to Tanjung Rambutan already.
What a happening morning.. -.-


  1. k u k u j i a o m a n April 22, 2007

    Like that also can ar!!!!


  2. Moneybin April 22, 2007

    OMG!!!!! So, wat the police do to tat mad guy

  3. Peggy April 22, 2007

    kukujiaoman: I also almost faint, so gila..

    Moneybin: His IC is with the police and then he ran away to dont know where. But later he get it back from the police.. Crazy.

  4. fayer April 26, 2007

    hehe..kinda blur u were not staying with ur parent and eventually ur mom went to ur rent house and then this happened, right?

  5. Peggy April 26, 2007

    Fayer: Har? I am staying with my mom.. That crazy guy come to my house..

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