Sony in Pink

Sony is the best, really. They have so many stuff in pink colour and it is so hard to resist such nice colour. Sony really know how to win a girl’s heart, just by having pink colour. If you don’t like pink, just shuddup. Pink is such a pretty colour, it is so pretty that I really fall for it. Argh, the pinkness. Aku terlalu suka sangat warna merah jambu! :) Alright, enough of the word pink, here comes the colour..

Sony Vaio
I’ve just saw a real one the other day and now the keyboard is also cover in pink colour. The whole laptop is PINK! Omfg.. It is a bit too expensive, Rm4999 but someday if I’m rich, I will buy this baby. :)


And then they have the pink mouse to go along with it.



Sony NW-A808

Sony E Series Walkman DAP

Just look at these beautiful cameras. I will definitely buy one soon, maybe T20.
Sony Cybershot DSC-T10

Sony Cybershot DSC-T20

Sony DSC-W55

Sony Cybershot DSC-W80

Sony Earbud Headphones

Sony Camera Pouch
They even have a pink pouch for its camera, love it.

I love Sony. I love pink. I love Sony. I love pink. I love Sony. I love pink. Lalalalalalalalalala…


  1. moneybin September 21, 2007

    No wonder ur template is pink. U like pink very very much. Even ur name…

    Peggy = Pink

  2. Peggy September 22, 2007

    Yup, I really like pink a lot. Such a sweet colour. Hehe..

  3. Michelle September 22, 2007

    wow, so many pink stuff. i didn know PS@ oso got pink 1.. haha..
    i see u like the pink viao alot, on the other hand i love the green version! wish to own one but too pricey le. i can get a mac book with that money.

  4. Yeanie October 2, 2007

    Hi Peggy,
    forget about Sony..
    i have almost all the items that you posted here..
    just because they’re in pink, espeacially the laptop..
    i bought that around 5600k and 3months using that, lots of problems occurs..
    and when i bring it to service, they claim that the part that got problem is not under warranty…
    same problems occurs for the other products from Sony..
    what i can say is….
    forget about Sony….

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